Thursday, July 10, 2008


**If you would like to place an order, please email me at with what sizes and colors you would like. I am now accepting paypal for payment to make it easier!!**

Well this all started when Brenda (she wants to take credit) asked me if I could make some bows to sell. She knew I made Lynlee's bows and wanted to give some as a gift. Actually she wanted 10 bows, a bow holder and the band. I said sure! This turned into several people at church asking and me starting my mini "business". I don't plan on actually making money at this, it's just something fun to do. It would be fun to go to Canton one month though. I am trying to accumulate all my friends that make things so we can all get a booth together. So anyway here it is...

And here is what I can make just for your precious little bow head...

I typically make all my bows out of grosgrain ribbon because it gives the bow a nice clean look. But I can do any kind of ribbon.

made with 3/8" ribbon

Great for a newborn or cutie pigtails!

made with 5/8" ribbon
Great for infants.
This is Rylee posing in the small bow at 6 weeks old or so.

made with 7/8" ribbon
Great for toddlers.
Lynlee posing in the medium bow at 11 months old.

made with 1 1/2" ribbon
Great for older girls.

Here are all of the next to each other so you can compare.

prong clips

french clips
I can make them using either kind of clip. Whichever suits your daughter's hair best!


crocheted band
Can stretch to fit at any age.

3/4" stretchy lace

1/2" stretchy lace

1 13/16" stretchy lace


bow holder
(bows not included)
This is one I made for Miss Rylee.

pregnant shirts

I know this has nothing to do with bows. But I made this for Lauren and thought I would include it on here. This is a cute way to let people know you are pregnant!

Please let me know if any of these items are of interest to you. You can email me at or just leave me a comment here! Thanks for looking and tell your friends!


annalee said...

lynlee's bows are always so cute and your logo for curlyQbows is too!

Kristen said...

So cute! Don't you love making bows? I love it! I make them all the time. We have a bow for every outfit. I have also made them for friends, such a fun little business.
I am actually going to sell mine in the pharmacy at Casey's new job. They have a little boutique at the front of the pharmacy.
Goodluck with the bows! Love the bands, I have only figured out panty hose bands.

Miss G said...

This is too, too fun! love the shirt you made for Lauren! I also think your name and logo are terrific! Love the two Qs! Kelly

Emily said...

Hey, I just saw your Gilmore Girls' post, and I am an absolute junkie. I have every season on DVD - maybe we can catch you up a little when we go scrapping!

Lauren said...

I wore the shirt to my doctor's appointment yesterday - everybody was jealous! :)

Emily said...

How exciting. Would it be bad to put Carter in a bow??

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacquie,
I love the name and all the different sizes. Does Grandma Weese crochet the band? She use to crochet a strip for me and I would tie it in a bow and put it on one of the french clips for E'lyse. I'll have to see if I still have some and send you one and when Lynlee has hair you can use it. If I remember correctly you looked the same as her.

Love ya and miss ya,
Aunt Linda

The Mangus Family said...

super cute bows!

Health at Home said...

Did you design your logo yourself? So adorable and very memorable. You are going to have such a blast with your new lil' biz! Miss y'all much.

Blessings~ Kristen

Lyday Family said...

Hey Jacquie, I found your blog from your facebook profile! What CUTE bows!! I learned how to make bows too after I had Avery (my 3 yr old)--and of course she has a bow in every imaginable color & design!! :) Now Bella Kate (my 4 month old) gets all of her little bow bands too! So cute! Good luck with your bow business! They are adorable--and of course your little girl is PRECIOUS wearing your cute bows!!

--Tricia Hutchinson Lyday